Berlin's Best Holiday Events

During the school holidays, the FEZ Berlin offers children an attractive and enriching selection of programs. We plan little adventures such as the Magic Castle (Ger. Zauberschloss) to whisk the children away into a fantasy world. Here they will come face-to-face with authentic settings, well-known characters and stories that they know from films, books and history.

During the Pentecost holidays our "So That's How You Do It Camp" is on the agenda, while the Summer holidays offers children the chance to travel back a few centuries to a completely different way of life with the "A Journey Through Time - 1517" event.

"So That's How You Do It" Camp

Pentecost Holidays from 3rd to 11th June 2017

77 things that everyone should know how to do!

This camp offers a mix of workshops, competitions and interactive activities, each aiming to teach a useful life hack to families and children aged 6 and up. Once you've been here you'll never have to say 'I've never learnt how to do that' again.

Berlin's Best Summer Holiday Event - 1517: Journey Through Time

Summer Holidays at the FEZ from 22th July to 3rd September 2017

This summer the clocks will be turning back allowing you to join experience and help create a real, middle-aged city.