Berlin's Best Holiday Events

During the school holidays, the FEZ Berlin offers children an attractive and enriching selection of programs. We plan little adventures such as the Magic Castle (Ger. Zauberschloss) to whisk the children away into a fantasy world. Here they will come face-to-face with authentic settings, well-known characters and stories that they know from films, books and history.

Easter Alarm In Bunny Town

Berlin's Best Holiday Event!

What's going on in Bunny Town? Easter without the Easter Bunny? Something needs to be put right here... more...

This Was Berlin's Best Summer Holiday Event

Have a look at the film and photo album from the interactive game for young adventurers and explorers.

Super Holiday Pass 2017/18

370 discounts and prizes for happy holidays in Berlin! Move your Pass - and experience a new holiday highlight every day for 100 days with the Super Holiday Pass 2017/18 more...