Berlin's Best Holiday Events

Super Holiday Pass 2018/19

The new Super Holiday Pass for 2018/19 is coming!
Over 380 discounts and prizes for happy holidays in Berlin! more...

FEZitty – The Children's Capital

The children's capital city - FEZitty - opens its gates in the FEZ on 9th July until 17th August from Monday to Friday each week. more...

Circus By The Sea

On each weekend:
7th July to 19th August
Summer holiday fun for all the family. We raise the curtain for 7 weekends of circus workshops for kids to hone their circus skills with their families more...

FEZ Beach

Come to the FEZ beach, where you can swim, paddle, build sandcastles, play volleyball, enjoy an ice cream or enjoy a good book in the shade. Our current opening times are here...

Uh Oh! The Spirits Are On The Loose

Berlin's best Autumn Holiday Event!
Creepy Castle Eckstein - Once the darkness sets in, the sun is no longer visible, the bells rings and the doors creak... that's when the spirits wake up in the old castle more..

Astronaut Training In The Autumn Holidays

orbitall - Raumfahrt im FEZ
Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe in the Orbitall Centre. Experience how astronauts prepare for a mission and what life is like on the International Space Station. more...