Berlin's Best Holidays

Holidays in the FEZ Berlin are special occasions, offering children amazing adventures to discover, dive into and play along with.

Circus By The Sea

Berlin's Best Summer Holidays
22nd June to 4th August

Summer holiday fun for all the family on weekends!

Circus tricks meet holiday fun in the FEZ as all seven summer holiday weekends offer children and thir families the chance to learn some new skills in circus workshops. All set up nicely in one special circus tent. more...

FEZitty - The Capital City For Children

Berlin's Best Summer Holidays!
24th June to 2nd August
(weekdays only)

The Capital City for Children is opening its gates. All children aged between 6 and 14 years of age are invited to become a citizen of FEZitty. more...

Berlin Summer Holiday Calendar

From art to programming. From social media to holiday camps!
We've collected a list of great events in and around Berlin aimed at children. Take a look, get inspired and have a great holiday! Berlin Summer Holiday Calendar.

Super Holiday Pass 2019/20

MOVE YOUR PASS - Your Holidays, Your City, Your Pass!

Use your pass to create special holiday highlights. Choose from over 100 holiday events. more...