Berlin's Best Holidays

Holidays in the FEZ Berlin are special occasions, offering children amazing adventures to discover, dive into and play along with.

The Magic Castle: Knowledge Is Magic

Berlin's best winter holidays!

For children aged 6+

Sharpen your quills, take out your wands and get your robes ready. As the holidays begin the FEZ has removed the Magic Castle's anti-muggle spells. Come and see the amazing things that await beyond the castle doors.  more...

Super Holiday Pass 2019/20

MOVE YOUR PASS - Your Holidays, Your City, Your Pass!

Use your pass to create special holiday highlights. Choose from over 100 holiday events. more...

Astrid Lindgren Stage

The Astrid Lindgren Stage opens the world of theatre to children. A world full of adventure, fantasy, music and poetry. Check out the various plays, puppet theatre productions and concerts taking place in 2020. View schedule

Theatre Ticket: €6.00 to €10.50 per person (ticket also grants entry to the event in the FEZ main building)

Escape To Freedom - A Real-Time Adventure Where Teamwork Is Key

For children aged 10 and up

It's all about freedom in 2019 in the Alice Museum for Children. When am I free? What limits my freedom? What do we mean by freedom today? more...

Swim Where The Fun Is

Mon - Sun, from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Keep fit with a swim!
Check out our amended opening times during the winter. more...

Swimming Pool Ticket:
€5.50 | Concessions: €3.50