Berlin's Best Holidays

Holidays in the FEZ Berlin are special occasions, offering children amazing adventures to discover, dive into and play along with.

FEZblogger Camp

Mon 7th October - Wed 9th October, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
For children aged 9 and up.

In this 3-day workshop you'll get a taste of the media world with blogging being the main focus. more...

Super Holiday Pass 2019/20

MOVE YOUR PASS - Your Holidays, Your City, Your Pass!

Use your pass to create special holiday highlights. Choose from over 100 holiday events. more...

Phenomena - Be Curious, Be Amazed

Berlin's Best Autumn Holidays!
With our autumn holiday PHENOMENA event, curious kids and inquisitive adults will be frequently astonished and surprised as they make new discoveries. After all, our world is full of amazing, beautiful and fascinating things, so experiment, test, discover and find out how things work. It's going to be phenomenal! more...

Astronaut Training In The Autumn Holidays

orbitall - Raumfahrt im FEZ
Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe in the Orbitall Centre. Experience how astronauts prepare for a mission and what life is like on the International Space Station. Mix education with fun in discovering the fascinating beauty of the other planets. more...