Berlin's best autumn holidays!


Into The Future!

Autumn holidays for curious kids aged 5 and up

Welcome to Phenomena! Come to a space where you can be amazed about the sustainable and digital inventions that make our planet just that little better. Build your dream house, become a gardener, learn to live independently, create robots who can work, travel virtually to the sea, design clothes and glide across the building on a hoverboard.

Across a variety of workshops, stage shows and interactive activities, we'll show you the trends and topics that will shape the world of tomorrow. So get inspired and become a visionary yourself!

Please pay attention to our hygiene and social distancing regulations.

Tiny Town

The dream of creating your own house doesn't need to be expensive. You just need a little creativity if you don't have much space. Our doll's house workshop will show you how to make the mose amazing mini houses.

Exhibition: Green Gaming

Our computer game exhibition shows off an array of sustainable ideas for games. Whether it be a pond simulator, a foray into the insect kingdom or a virtual reality tour of the world, there's so much fun to be had.

VR Glasses On!

Glitter, glue, colourful material and a smartphone - that's what you'll need to build your own pair of virtual reality glasses.

Travel Agency Of The Future

Enter the World of Black Light! Whether you visit by flying car or by rocketship, you'll see the most beautiful places in magical black light.

Cargo Bikes

We don't need the car today Mum! Take a trip around the FEZ on these cargo bikes. Ring the bell as you go and show how far you can get without a motor.

Fashion Of The Future

Make your own clothing complete with all the gadgets you'll need for life in 50 years. In our jewellery workshop, you can then add environment-friendly extras. Once you're dressed for the future, it's time for photos!

Nature In A Glass

Enter the laboratory of herbs and natural remedies! Ever tried showering with chestnut soap. You can make this and other cool sustainable ideas for your bathroom.

From The Programme

  • Green, green, green..
    The smallest of spaces can become green spaces. Become a gardener in your own bedroom or on your balcony. Ever trid using a seed bomb? Or encouraged bees to your balcony? We have the tips to turn your home into a little green oasis.
  • CakePops & Smoothies
    What will families eat in the future? We'll show parents how to mix healthy smoothies. Of course the kids will still want sweets. We've got something fro them too. But look out! Something's moving.
  • Rubbish Robots
    They're actually quite good. Instead, they take their name from the recycled materials they're built from. With a bit of designing, building and glueing, you'll be amazed at what you can make from materials you'd normally throw away.
  • Fit For The Future
    Travelling by hoverboard is practically flying. Can you get to the end of the course without any help? Try out the movable course and get to grips with this future mode of transport.
  • Big City Pets
    First, draw how you think pets will look in the future. Once they're on paper, you can bring them to life with Scratch animation software. We'll then present your creations on the big screen.

  • FEZ Blogger
    Are you interested in social media? Do you enjoy photography, filming and writing? Across 4 days, we'll show you key digital tools for use with Instagram and YouTube. Everything will be posted on the FEZ's own social media pages.
  • Criminal Case At The FEZ
    Your task is to track Max and Robin through the FEZ Of The Future using a tablet. Carry out the tasks and find the treasure.
  • Robot Camp
    How does a robot speak and how does it move? Find out with this hilarious live roleplay with costumes and audience interaction.
  • Music Of The Future
    Play with crazy sounds and get an idea of how music might sound in 50 years.
  • The Secret Garden
    Take a timeout in our green oasis. Various puzzles and games await you there. Alternatively, work the pedals and charge your batteries.
  • Cinema Programme
    Current and popular family films are playing in fezino - the FEZ Berlin's very own cinema.

Phenomena Workshops

Extend your FEZ experience!

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Please only buy one ticket per participant. Workshop places are open to adults and childrens.

The Crazy Lab

(ages 5 and up)

There are some strange sounds coming from Professor Protonia's laboratory. Discover a whole galaxy of scientific facts about space and find out what is making those bangs, crackles and pops.

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(ages 8 and up)

Meet the smallest robots in the world and using your newfound programming skills to set these baby robots in motion.
(90 minutes)

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DASH Robots

(ages 5 and up)

Can you control the little blue DASH robots? An introduction to programming will have kids racing around the track and moving objects as quickly as possible with their new robotic companions.
(2 hours)

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Stop Motion

(ages 7 and up)

Science Fiction. Now it's your turn! Create your own animated film with your heroes. Hopefully, there'll be a happy ending for our planets!
(90 minutes)

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(ages 5 and up)

This is a workshop for one adult and one child. You task is to work in tandem to create creatures out of electrical spare parts and other old material and then bring them to life.
(60 minutes)

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Game Design

(ages 8 and up)

This is your chance to design and make your own pixelated computer game.
(60 minutes)

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The health of our staff and our guests is of paramount importance. For that reason, we need your help. Please pay attention to our hygiene regulations and show consideration to your fellow guests. Our regulations are based on current guidance from the Berlin Senate. Everyone who enters the FEZ must have proof of their 3G status - that you are fully vaccinated, have a negative test or are recently recovered. Help us to do our bit in the fight against Covid-19 more...

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 9th to Sun 24th October 2021

Tues - Fri, from 10am to 5pm
Sat + Sun, from 12pm - 6pm
(Closed on Mondays)

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Families of 2+: €4.00 per person

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Programme subject to change!

Astrid Lindgren Stage

Berlin's biggest theatre for children has a large and varied programme during the autumn holidays.

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Astronaut Training

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