Berlin's best summer holidays


Be a part of Project Future!

From 28th June to 6th August. Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 5pm

For children aged 7+ and visionaries of all ages

Our research group is being set up with the goal of saving our planet. The group is tasked with creating a vision for a society of the future that promotes equality and a peaceful coexistence. The research group needs architechts, technicians, tradespeople, theatrical and media experts, designers, urban farmers and musicians. All of us will work together to fulfill these roles and develop Camp Utopia into something special. Six weeks of community living in the forest, on the fields and on the Eco Island is the idea behind Camp Utopia. Together, we'll build, research, play and create in order to lay the foundations for a new children's capital city in 2022. More information about some of the camp's themes can be found below.
Come along and take part. Tickets only online.

City Farm

The sustainable source of UTOPIA's food supply. Everything is locally produced. more...


We're responsible for the camp's water and electricity supply. Creative solutions for all sorts of problems are the name of the game here. more...


Giving UTOPIA a sense of identity by providing works of art and creativity to display in the camp. more...


We bring the cultural side of UTOPIA into focus. Telling stories of the camp to the camp. more...


Each week of Camp Utopia has a specific focus or topic Then at the end of the week we'll all come together to celebrate what we have achieved. more...

Hygiene Regulations

Please read them thoroughly, follow them when you're here and have fun!

Opening Hours & Tickets

28t June to 6th August 2021
Mon - Fri, from 10am to 5pm

For children aged 7+ and visionaries of all ages.

Ticket: €5.00 
Family Ticket (2 people or more): €4.00 per person
Youth Group Ticket (Hort): €4.00 per person  

Online Tickets

Wood Camp

The Wood Camp consist of the woodwork team and the Future City Architecture Space (FCAS). They have one subject in common - wood. more...

Public Service

All concerns, complaints and ideas from the community of Camp Utopia will be dealt with and coordinated here. more...