As the name suggests, this is where we want to see all the creative minds amongst you. Some of our projects revolve around maintaining the city's water and electricity supply. as well as trying to increase automation, technical know-how and sustainable engery sources. No idea is a bad idea as we look at innovative ways to solve problems.

Micro Makers

PET plastic bottles are actually great when it comes to reusing them. Water filters, solar lamps and hanging gardens are just some of the options. Solar panels are another option - prepare to be amazed as you charge your phone with your new construction!

4th Week: Mon 19th to Fri 23rd July

Optimising Our Water Supply & Use

Water is the most precious resource we have so it's apt that water is the focus of week 4

The Crafting Camp will be in the limelight as they use their engineering abilities and their creativity to create solutions for drinking water production and to avoid wasting it.

The forum will be headed by representatives from the Crafting Camp, while on Friday 23rd July, the team will set up a special day celebrating the value of the planet's most precious liquid and how we've learnt to use it over the course of the week.