Wood Camp

The Wood Camp consist of the woodwork team and the Future City Architecture Space (FCAS). They have one subject in common - wood. The FCAS provides the expertise and know-how when it comes to project planning. These projects are then realised through close collaboration with those in the woodwork team.

Future City Architecture Space (FCAS)

After initial discussions and subsequent decisions, the FCAS will turn the plans into drawings with plastic models also being used. It's not just about projects within the event though. Everyone is asked to think more generally about sustainable projects for architecture and urban development. With this in mind, you'll get to know more about the most important sustainable development goals and how to integrate these into your projects.

Woodwork Team

This is where drawings and models turn into actual structures and objects. With everything predominatly constructed from wood.

Wood Masterclass

A temporary wood-makng project. At the end, a pavilion will be standing proudly at the FEZ.