Easter Games

  • Hanni Hen's Yard Hannis Hof
    Hilarious country-themed games including egg hockey, welly tossing, cowpat roulette, egg hunts and Hanni Hen's nest.
  • Hanni's Shadow Play Area
    Make the dream shadows of Hasenhausen come alive and dance.
  • Egg Play Area
    Floor & table games: spring memory, egg tower, giant egg puzzle, watch out chicken!, eggmazing...
  • Egg Runway
    All the fun of Bunny Town! Build your own egg run and push the eggs down. Up and down, crossing paths...
  • Guess The Egg
    Crawl into the cubbyhole and guess what it is - prizes to be won...
  • Pre-Easter Flower Walks
    Head to the Bunny Town mini rainforest stopping to play Easter games and carry out Easter traditions. Early bloomers quiz from 9th to 14th April...
  • Egg Toss (Outdoor)
    An absolute MUST in Bunny Town. Fired egg toss and an egg catapult!
  • Bunny's Picture Studio (Outdoor)
    DIY sand painting. Use pretty objects to make Easter pictures in the sand and make Bunny Town that little bit nicer.
  • Foxhole (Outdoor)
    Search for and guess the objects in the Bunny Town playground for young eggstravagant adventurers.

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