Berlin's best autumn holidays - recommended for kids aged 6+

Ghostly Worlds & Gruesome Fun At The FEZ

We invite everyone to a uniquely ghostly world... if you dare!

What form does the monster under your bed take? How does the music sound that accompanies your horror film? What does the shadow that is always by your side look like? Are you ready to feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Are you ready for encounters and challenges that will give you goosebumps?

Wander Through The Halls

As you head into the depths of the FEZ, you'll walk along the FEZ Avenue, past the Mexican world of Day Of The Dead, through the ghostly garden and then deep down into the cellar. Will you bring light to the darkness or will everything stay eerie and mysterious? You'll find out more about the worlds of the afterlife in the old library and create your own ideas of what comes after death.


Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 21st October to Sun 5th November
Sat/Sun: 12pm to 6pm, Tues to Fri: 10am to 5pm 

Day Ticket: €5.00
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person
Youth Group (Hort) Day Ticket: €4.00 per person (accompanying adult goes free)
Includes access to Children's Museum

Online Tickets

Haunted House

In the haunted house, you'll found grizzly snacks from the kitchen, face paint, chess and darts, a place to relax, ghostly dancing, toy building and shadow figures, a video introduction to the butler room, seats by the fireplace, ghost tours from the maid, a coffin photo booth and an interactive sound tower.

FEZ Avenue

The heart of the ghostly goings-on with 6 houses and gardens, a cinema and food stalls, a ghost house, a skeleteon house, a witch's house, a cat house, a pumpkin house, a monster house, a popcorn station and a theatre of moving pictures.

A Death In Mexico

The ceremonies used to honour the dead in Mexico will be explained at the Mexican market square, the altar to memory, numerous stalls with creative activities (papel picado, skulls, marigolds and masks), calaveras face paint, some snacks to eat and a little stage.

Ghostly Garden

Come here to test your fitness on the gravestone trail. There'll also be a chance to try out some coffins (!), an excavation in the family crypt, a cemetry in the forest and Count Fezul's vampire bouncy castle.

World Of Souls

With a hall for ghosts to move around at their leisure, a Yokai exhibition about this tradition from Japan and a Nightmare Studio!


The place for the Dark Laboratory, the digital game world of the Moonies and a black light dungeon.

Old Library

Featuring an old book workshop, a ghostly hour, a secret reading room, bookmark making and a salon of death.

Creatures Of The Night

Check out the visual impressions of the night and all that dwells within by looking into the cabinets. You'll also find a world of graveyards and go on a spooky night-time walk.


The artist, Tim Reichlmaier, displays illustrations from his new children's book about a cat who is picked up by the wrong death.