Berlin's best autumn holidays

Phenomena - Into The Future

For curious kids aged 5 and up

Sat 9th to Sun 24th October 2021
Tues - Fri from 10am to 5pm & Sat + Sun from 12pm to 6pm

The autumn holidays are the perfect time to be amazed, to research and to have fun. The FEZ invites you to learn more about topics such as the consequences of climate change and the possibilities of digitalisation. What inventions will make our planet better? How will the world of tomorrow look? You'll discover new trends and maybe even create some of your own. more...

Escape To Freedom - Interactive Exhibition

For ages 10+, 2 hours

One room. One team. The clock is ticking.
Based on the principle of escape rooms, we have five interactive rooms dedicated to the topic of freedom. Your task is to solve the clues and escape, while answering questions such as 'what happens if I always follow the expectations of others?' and 'would the microchip in my brain really make me happy and free?'. 

Astronaut Training In The Autumn Holidays

for ages 8+, 90 minutes

Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe in the Orbitall Centre. Experience how astronauts prepare for a mission and what life is like on the International Space Station. Mix education with fun in discovering the fascinating beauty of the other planets.

Berlin Holiday Schedule

Take a look at the school holiday dates in Berlin so you can plan your next trip to the FEZ.

Autumn Holidays:
Mon 11th October to Sat 23rd October 2021

Christmas Holidays:
Fri 24th December to Fri 31st December 2021

Winter Holidays:
Sat 29th January to Sat 5th February 2022

Easter Holidays:
Mon 7th March + Mon 11th April to Sat 23rd April 2022

Pentecost Holidays:
Fri 27th May + Tues 7th June 2022

Summer Holidays:
Thurs 7th July to Fri 19th August 2022

Super Holiday Pass 2021/22

MOVE YOUR PASS - Your Holidays, Your City, Your Pass!

Use your pass to create special holiday highlights. more...

Camp Utopia

Take part in Project Future!

So many children came along in the summer holidays to get involved in Project Future. Over 6 weeks, the kids painted, played, built, developed and discussed, before writing about it in their own media. Review...