Berlin's Best Summer Holidays

Game Of FEZ - Frenetic, Epic, Zany

Holiday programme for children (aged 5 and up) and their parents from 27th June to 9th August 2020

Parents are invited to bring their children into the FEZ's green and natural paradise for barrels of fun and a sprinkling of education. There's something for every taste. Build a knight's castle, discover our adventure island or take part in a digital puzzle game. That true holiday feeling in the heart of Berlin!

Make sure you bring adequate clothing. This event is taking place outdoors.

Tickets must be bought online and are valid for 3 hours

Experiment Station

There's so much to research and discover on our adventure island. more...

Knights' Realm

Hurry on down to watch the knights in action in their various tournaments. more...

Water, Sand & Clay

One just isn't enough. So here are three different play areas. more...

Actionbound: Time Travel In The FEZ

A digital tour with tablets 
Solve puzzles and challenges as you are lead on a unique journey around the FEZ.

Gold Diggers

Glittering gold is just waiting to be mined. Then, exchange the gold for a coin that you have minted yourself with the approproate tools.

Free Cherry! - An Analogue/Digital Game

Take part in an exciting analogue-digital game. Based on an escape room and aimed at children aged 10 and up.
A project of the Alice Museum for Children and the Future-Lab in the FEZ Berlin.

Cherry is not a normal dog. He's a petfluencer and a huge social media star. Thanks to this talented bull terrier, his owner, Teresa Rich, enjoys a luxury life. Yet while Cherry is making money advertising animal hotels and dog food, he's being starved in his golden kennel. It's down to you to take control and rescue Cherry. more...


Flora & fauna for all the senses

Take a step into nature and discover the green world around you at close quarters. Pot a plant and take it home, learn about herbs, discover our mini rainforest, be fascinated by our honey bees, bake bread in our clay ovens and have a go at troll yoga.
(Not all activties are available at the same time. Please be understanding.)

Boats & Trains

Land ahoy! as you sail across the FEZ waters. Choose between a canoe or pedalo. If you prefer to stay on dry land, maybe the model railway is more up your track?

Giant Chess, Giant Twister

So many games to play at Game Of FEZ! Mostly in giant form... more...

Survival Tour

Get fit with fire, wood and co

Become a true adventurer and have a go at chopping and sawing wood, hammering nails, making fire, swinging through the trees, reading the news and making stick bread by the campfire.

Game Of FEZ - The Rules

...And So Much More

Find out more about our great activities here...


Please stick to the rules so we can ensure #SafetyFirst 
We've done our best to create a great summer holiay programme in challenging circumstances. This will only work though if all of our guests follow the rules, because our first priority is the health of our visitors and our staff. Wwe ask you to take other people into consideration and support the hygiene regulations together. Only then will be able to keep our holiday programme going all summer.


  • Tickets for Game Of FEZ are only available online. Each ticket is for a 3-hour time period. Online Tickets
  • During each 3-hour time period, there is a limit for how many guests can visit.
  • Our hygiene regulations are displayed throughout the premises. In addition, each visitor will receive a handout.
  • Only very small groups may play together.
  • A hygiene team is available to answer any question you may have.
  • A mask is required if you enter the FEZ's interior.

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Opening Hours & Tickets

Game Of FEZ - Frenetic, Epic, Zany

From 27th June to 9th August 2020
Tues - Thurs + Sat/Sun, tickets valid for 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Ticket: €5.00 
Families of 3+: €4.00 per person 
Yout Group Ticket (Hort): €4.00 per person

Tickets MUST be bought online in advance. 
Each ticket is valid for a 3-hour time period: Tues-Thurs / Sat+Sun 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Online Tickets