Berlin's best summer holidays

Island Adventures

Holiday fun for children aged 6+.

On each island a special challenge awaits. If you complete it, you'll collect a coloured ball which can be swapped for pearls that attach to your wristband. Whoever gets the golden pearl will be crowned king/queen of the islands.

Best of all? Your ticket is valid for the FEZ Beach as well as Island Adventures.

Opening Hours

Berlin's best summer holidays
Sat 9th July to Sun 21st August

Island Adventures for holiday kids aged 6 and up

Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 5pm
Saturday/Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

FEZ Beach

Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday/Sunday 10am to 6pm

Your ticket is valid for Island Adventures AND entry to the FEZ Beach!

Beach Included!

The FEZ Beach is the perfect place to splash, swim and relax. So don't forget your swimsuit for guaranteed summer fun.

Please note that the Island Adventure event doesn't start until 12pm on weekends. You can arrive early to enjoy the FEZ Beach at 10 am though.

When you buy an Online Ticket for the Island Adventures summer holiday event you can also use it to access the FEZ Beach.


The ticket gains you entry to the full family programe, the FEZ Beach and the Eco Island

Day Ticket: €7.00
Families of 2+: €6.00
Week Ticket: €24.00*
Holiday Ticket: €96.00**
Youth Group (Hort) Day Ticket: €5.00 - Group leader free
Youth Group (Hort) Week Ticket: €12.00*- Group leader free

* Daily entry (Tues-Sun) on 6 days within a 7-day period during the summer holidays.

** Daily entry (Tues-Sun) throughout the summer holidays.

Late Entry Ticket - FEZ Beach
: €3.50 | Tues to Fri: 5pm to 7pm

Adventure Island

Strike up your courage with a visit to the Adventure Island with its desert, sea, jungle and beach. There you'll discovers the secret of the green heart, feed dragons and build a water pipeline.

Circus Island

Here's somewhere worth stopping! All artists and acrobats are encouraged to join in the colourful shows taking place on Circus Island. Join in and test your skills - whether you're still growing or a fully-grown adult.

Prehistoric Island

Enter prehistoric times as you discover ancient treasure and take part in the research quiz. Cook in the stone age kitchen, help excavate an ancient ruin, build a clay landscape and play in the stone age workshop.

Survival Island

Would you survive if you were one your own in the wilderness? It's time to learn some natural skills to help you build shelter, make tools and find food should the time ever come.