Adventure Island

Strike up your courage with a visit to the Adventure Island with its desert, sea, jungle and beach. There you'll discovers the secret of the green heart, feed dragons and help build a water pipeline.

  • Secret of the green heart:
  • Find the lost island map, decode secret characters and build a compass
  • Discover the unique locations of the Adventure Island


  • Water transport games
  • Desert animals - what species thrive in the hottest and driest climates?
  • Help build a water pipeline


  • Message in a bottle game
  • Fishing rubbish from the lake


  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Pick fruit
  • Feed dragons
  • Experience Robinson's animals


  • Dig for shells
  • Relax in the hammock
  • Make a shell necklace

Adventure Training

  • Bag pendulums
  • Ride on a raft
  • Catapult game
  • Bicycle inner tubing games

And More...

  • Make kachina dolls from tree branches
  • Research insects Agate snails and worms at the Adventure Island research station