Circus Island

Clear the stage! It's time to watch our talented young circus artists!

Watch the acts and then join in yourself! There'll be so much colour on show and you can add to it! So try learning a new skill - whether you're fully grown or still growing.

  • Diabolo, balancing (on unicycles, balls and tightropes), acrobatics, devil sticks and juggling
  • All the ingredients for a colourful circus programme set around the circus tent.
  • Everyone is welcome to learn and join in.
  • Young professional artists on hand to show you how it's done. Once you've gained a little confidence you'll be performing your own tricks.
  • Each afternoon, a small circus show will take place where you can show off what you've learnt.
  • Not just for kids! With a little persuasion, we hope to see plenty of adults joining the show and learning new skills.
  • Children who have prepared something are all welcome to the circus show.

Perhaps, best of all, there's huge clay city for you to help construct in one corner of the Circus Island - complete with its own irrigation system.