Prehistoric Island

Enter prehistoric times as you discover ancient treasure and take part in the research quiz. Cook in the stone age kitchen, help excavate an ancient ruin, build a clay landscape and play in the stone age workshop.

Stone Age Kitchen

  • Discover what people ate in the stone age, and then try and reproduce it by harvesting vegetables and cooking a few recipes.

Excavation Site

  • Equipped with a research card containing various tasks, you'll go on the hunt for "living fossils". Perhaps you'll make an archaeologically significant discovery.

Research Laboratory

  • A research quiz for you to master with a series of interesting reserach-based tasks.
  • Konstantin is a skilled researcher who has had to head off to the next excavation site. He's asked you to take over. You'll learn lots of archaelological techniques, use the microscope to analyse your findings, then measure, draw and show your results in a mini museum exhibition.

Prehistoric Workshop

  • Build clay landscapes for dragons, dinosaurs and other creatures.

Stone Age Workshop

  • Use earth-based paints to make cave paintings.
  • Play games with stones.
  • How's your memory? These games will test you.
  • Do you dare to embark on a mammoth hunt?
  • Test yourself at the Stone Age Olympics (in groups, once per day)