Berlin's Best Summer Holidays!

FEZitty - The Children's Capital City

For young people aged 6 to 14

Coming to FEZitty gives you a unique opportunity to help run a city. No matter whether you become the mayor, a town planner for the Tiny Town neighbourhood, a water board officer, a gardener or one of the many other available occupations, your role is vital.

With the friendly support of: Berliner Wasserbetriebe
In cooperation with: FÖL Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Find an interesting job and slip into your new role. Take on the responsiblity and help decide, organise and shape your city of the future.

Becoming A Citizen

As soon as you enter FEZitty, you'll have to register at the Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt). There, you'll get your City ID card, which will grant you access to the city and enable you to take part. Then, it's off to the job centre to find employment!

FEZitty - The Capital City For Children

Discover what life is like in the city that you can help build and run in Berlin's Best Summer Holidays.
(Trailer from the 2018 event)

When Work Is Over...

It's time to let your hair down once you've finished your shift! Take a boat trip, enjoy the circus, play some sport, experience a fashion show or spend your hard-earned Wuhlis in the shopping centre. There's a lot of fun to be had in FEZitty!

City Council

The city council consists of a mayor and 5 councillors who will represent the demands and wishes of the citizens. They will support projects, organise events and ensure there is a weekly citizens' assembly. They'll also be on hand to resolve any disputes.

FEZitty Town Charter

Make sure you've read FEZitty's town charter, so you know how everything works and what laws are in place. more...

Build Your City - Tiny Town

Plan, develop and build the new district of ''Tiny Town'. more...

Research & Develop

Research and science will help FEZitty develop more quickly. You could become a professor! There will be a series of special topics in the various weeks. more…

Happy Hens In FEZitty - The Chicken Van Is Coming

The citizens of FEZitty will also be joined by 120 chickens. And someone needs to look after them! more...

Opening Hours

Mon 24th June to Fri 2nd August 2019
Mon - Fri, 10am to 5pm


Day Ticket: €4.00 per person
Guest Ticket*: €2.00 per person
(*For adults and children below the age of 6)

Week Ticket:
€16.00 per person
Summer Holiday Ticket:
€36.00 per person
Online Tickets

Youth Group Ticket (Hort): €3.50 per person
Youth Group Week Ticket (Hort): €14.00 per person
Reservations for Youth Groups:
Tel: +4930-53071-333

What Else Is On?

There are loads of great activites going on during the summer holidays. Take a look in the FEZ Calendar!