The FEZitty City Law

  1. FEZitty is a city for children.
  2. All children between 6 and 14 years of age can work and play in FEZitty, organise life in the city and help develop it further.
  3. Adult visitors and children under 6 years of age are guests. We therefore ask these visitors not to interfere with the game.
  4. The game begins when the participant acquires a city ID card at the desk and the starting money for the game (so-called "Wuhli") from the citizens' registration office (Ger. Einwohnermeldeamt). The starting money is 4 Wuhli
  5. The currency is referred to as "Wuhli". This is required to 'spend money' in the city.
  6. At the jobcentre, places of employment are allocated via employment cards. Your empolyment card should be taken to your place of work, where it is only valid on its day of issue. Work lasts for at least an hour and will finish at 4:45 pm at the latest, with work being paid until 5:00 pm.
  7. Once your work is done, you will receive a "payslip" from your place of work which you must take to the bank along with your employment card. The payslips are valid for one hour after issue provided that they have been signed by the 'tutor'.
  8. For one hour's work or study, the game participant will receive 5 Wuhlis. 1 Wuhli will be kept by the city as tax.
  9. Anyone who has worked for 8 hours is entitled to become an official citizen of FEZitty. This can be done in the town hall, where you'll receive a green wristband and an entry in your city ID card. Citizens may stand for election, marry, open a bank account or a business as well as other privileges.
  10. At times, assemblies for citizens are called on the town square. When this occurs, the places of work must allow their employees to attend the assemblies on full pay.
  11. A new town council will be elected every Thursday on the town square. All persons present get a vote but the votes of official citizens count double.
  12. Every citizen over the age of 8 is eligible to work in the town hall and stand for election.
  13. Fighting, theft, fraud and breaking the laws of the town charter will not be tolerated. More serious offences will result in you being called to account by the FEZ's employees. If your misconduct is particularly serious, you may be banned from taking part in FEZitty.
  14. Other game rules will be developed during the game at the town hall and then ratified (or amended) at the citizens' assemblies.

Information For Parents

FEZitty is a city for children. A city where all children aged from 6 to 14 can work, play, organise life in the city and develop the infrastructure. We therefore ask you not to interfere in the game and let the children make their own decisions.

Parents and children aged below 6 are very welcome to visit FEZitty as guests. We are happy to invite you on a short tour of the goings-on in FEZitty and there are two cafés and a 'Parent's Garden' at the Villa Villekulla (Kunterbunt) for you to visit.

Please note: we especially ask you to refrain from visiting the job centre, supermarkt, town hall and "Mampfhafen". These areas have been designated 'parent-free zones'!!!

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