Diagon Alley

Visit the craft workshops in the dark corners of Diagon Alley:

The Witches' Hatter

This is the place to get your hats for the new term in the Magic Castle. Remember... the witch doesn't choose the hat. The hat chooses the witch.

Phoebe's Wizarding Supplies

Cauldrons, books, gems, satchels and goblets. Your magical needs are served here. Phoebe will also show you how to pot a mandrake.

Door Guards

Create your own door guard and keep any dark magic at wand's length.

The Robe House

You'll want to look your best on the first day of term. Get your brand new robes here. Even the Weasleys will come out looking smart!

The Honey Pot

Chocolate and other assorted sweets are essential to getting your strength up. If you manage to keep hold of them, you'll love our chocolate frogs.

The Felter

Colourful fun awaits here as you make your own cuddly toy.

Ties & Bead Pictures

No Magic Castle uniform is complete without a tie. Here you can make your own. You can also make your own pictures using Perler beads and then use an iron to fuse the beads together.

The Woodsmith

Make your own amulet by combining wood and iron.

Flying Style

Make magical jewellery and other things to enchant your every day life or the everyday life of someone special.

Diagon Alley Photography

Visiting Diagon Alley isn't just about getting supplies for term. Get photos with your family so you can look back on the magic of the wizarding street.

Magister Schauenburg's Stationery Store

If you're looking for a personal book in which you can keep a record of your secrets and special spells, then your search is over.

World Of Leather & Potion Supplies

A range of leather goods are available here and you can also learn how to make leather bags, bracelets, keyrings and headbands. This is also the place to find the popular potion jewellery bottles.