FEZitty - The Children's Capital

Circus By The Sea - Summer Holiday Fun For All The Family

Berlin's Best Summer Holidays

There'll be no boredom at the FEZ this summer. A visit to FEZitty to help build the children's capital or a few hours learning some acrobatics at Circus By The Sea will see to that. What's more, buying a combi ticket for one of these two events will also get you free entry to the FEZ Beach and Lake.

FEZitty – The Children's Capital

Mon 17th July to Fri 25th August, (Mon-Fri)

In FEZitty you'll work, research and decide on the important issues in the city. You can also found new businesses and once you've earned some 'Wuhlis', there are many places where you can spend them. The Capital City for Children works like any other - only in miniature. Choose from over 50 jobs and careers, vote in referendums and elections and do your part to ensure the city functions as it should. Online Tickets

Circus By The Sea

Sat 15th July to Sun 27th August, (Sat + Sun)

Summer holiday fun for all the family
The theme of Circus By The Sea is quite simple. Come along and learn a variety of new skills for the circus. Try your hand with diabolos, acrobatics, devil and flower sticks, spinning platers, walking globes, juggling, rola bola and hula hoops. By the end you'll be a natural in so many disciplines. Online Tickets


A Day At The Beach

Sat 15th July to Sun 27th August, | Every Day

A ticket for FEZitty or Circus By The Sea grants you free entry to the FEZ Beach and Lake.

So don't forget your swimming costume and make the most of summer!

Alice Museum For Children

Tues 18th July to Wed 23rd August, (Tuesdays and Wednesdays except 8th and 9th August)

Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away
An exhibition based on the book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4". Intervene or ignore? This exhibition in the Children's Museum deals with the topics of bravery and civil courage. A visit to the museum is included in your FEZ day ticket.

26th International Space Camp

Sat 29th July to Sat 5th August 2023 

For young people aged 13 and up
This year's focus is "The Future Of Space Travel" as the 2023 edition of International Space Camp returns in the summer holidays. The camp lasts 7 days with accomodation included.

Register by 10th June | Information and registration form

Super Holiday Pass 2022/23

The Super-Ferien-Pass offers a wide and varied programme to young people and children during the holidays. There are around 370 discounts and special offers for you to browse. View site...

Please note: From 26.06.2023 the new Super-Ferien-Pass 2023/24 is availavle!

Berlin Summer Holiday Calendar

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