Berlin's Best Holidays!

The FEZ is the place to come for fun, games and amazing adventures. Indoors and outdoors. In the Winter, Easter, Summer and Autumn holidays.
Look forward to interactive events, exciting shows on the Astrid Lindgren Stage, moments to ponder in the Children's Museum, a virtual flight through space and a few lengths in the swimming pool.

Be Part Of Our FEZitty Team


We are looking for helpers for our city-based game in the summer holidays. During FEZitty - the Capital City for Children kids from around Berlin set up and run their own city. 


We look forward to receiving your application via email to:
Sarah Kipsch, s.kipsch(at)

FEZitty - The Capital City For Children + FEZ Beach

The Capital City run solely by children is opening its doors again in the summer holidays. Everyone aged between 7 to 14 is welcome to join in and do their part. Work, earn money (Wuhlis is the currency), discuss, decide on regulations, go shopping and enjoy the various centres of entertainment - there's so much to do if the city is run well. And if you want a bit of time to cool down, head to the FEZ Beach & Lake for a refreshing dip. Whether you're here for the entire holidays or just for a couple of days, we look forward to welcoming you to our parent-free city.

FEZ Holiday Events

Look forward to school holidays at the FEZ!

Pentecost Holidays: Fri 10th May 2024

Summer Holidays: Thurs 18th July to Fri 30th August 2024
FEZitty - The Capital City For Children (from Mon 22nd July)

Super Holiday Pass 2023/24

The Super-Ferien-Pass offers a wide and varied programme to young people and children during the holidays. There are around 400 discounts and special offers for you to browse as well as tickets for Berlin's outdoor pools and beaches. View site...